4 Time Management Apps to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Multi-tasking or working day-in and day-out are usual elements of a normal routine of an individual in today’s world. No one can deny or ignore the countless benefits technology has served us with. We all make daily use of a wide variety of apps, tools and devices to make life easier and more comfortable. But how many tools and apps are you currently using to optimise your time in the best manner?

While technology plays a major role in entertaining and giving working individuals their share of peace-of-mind, it also benefits them to manage their day well and time effectively. An individual who works round the clock around projects, meetings, assignments and city-hops for work, Management Apps works great for him/her.

One needs to take advantage of the hundreds of apps and tools out there. The app industry is flooded with many time and task management apps. You can choose from a variety of high rated apps to manage your time. Read below the benefits of using these apps which will help you overcome time management challenges:

Our top 5 tips:

1. You may be shocked to know about the areas where you are wasting your time once you start using time management apps. Many apps send you weekly reports on where you should be cutting down on your time investment and help you use that time, on any other important task instead.

2. If you are struggling to manage everything you have to do because you work with many different devices, then RememberTheMilk is a recommended app for you. It is a great free tool which is compatible with your mobile, computer, gmail, outlook, etc. It helps you to manage your tasks easily and reminds you of them wherever you are.

3. Project planning gets simpler with a project or task management app. TeamGantt is a project management software based on a simple online gantt chart. Start planning your projects with this super easy project management software! Then track your progress in your gantt chart as you go to ensure your project stays on schedule. You can even update the percentage of completeness of any task.

4. BaseCamp is another app that let’s you effectively manage your projects. Earlier, BaseCamp was only used by business professionals and small business owners who used it for official work and work-related projects to manage. However, they now offer a personal plan that lets individuals organise their projects and update followers of projects that aren’t related to their business. This is a less expensive and offers same features as the business plan. So a professional or an individual, both can make the most of this app for their personal and official work.

5. One of the many good apps is Todoist which offers to see your productivity. You can track your productivity across every platform — email, browser, mobile device, or desktop to manage your tasks. You earn Karma points every time you use Todoist productively. This includes adding tasks, completing tasks on time or using advanced features. You lose karma if you postpone or have long overdue tasks. See whether your productivity is trending up or down with a simple chart that shows the Karma points you’ve earned, the total number of tasks completed, your daily productivity level, and your weekly trend.