5 Amazing Gadgets from CES 2014

English: Taken at the 2009 Consumer electronic...

English: Taken at the 2009 Consumer electronics show, Las Vegas, at the Samsung Booth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is considered to be one of the most anticipated events for technology enthusiasts as they get an up close and personal experience with some of the latest gadgets that are likely to rule the year. This year too, with over 3000 exhibitors showcasing their tech offerings, some products visibly stood out. CES 2014 had over 150,000 visitors to boast of and the number is only likely to increase for the future shows. The gadgets that were displayed at the event were more than phenomenal opening up a completely new realm of possibilities that a human brain can only think of. Enlisted are some jaw dropping gadgets that made an appearance at the CES 2014 and are likely to introduce a whole new world of opportunities in the market this year.

1.) The 105 inch television with a curve

Samsung is known to come up with technologically brilliant and jaw dropping ideas that not only look complicated but also offer an immense amount of usability to users. This is one brand that always looks at introducing innovative ideas and this time around too, Samsung has successfully delivered with a new product to join their massive line of existing television sets. The 105 inch curved Ultra HD television is easily considered as the world’s largest television screen. The curved screen is an extremely innovative prospect that has finally been brought to life. The pricing for this massive television is yet to be revealed; however, its smaller counterpart of 55 inch is available in the markets for a massive $9000.

2.) The Renault electric race car:

If you thought that the CES 2014 boasted of gadgets that could only be sued at home, you need to think again. Among the massive list of gadgets that were exhibited in this Las Vegas event was a race car that makes an attempt to go green this year with the car running on electricity, without compromising on the speed. The Spark-Renault SRT_01E is a swish Formula race car that runs entirely on electricity and boasts of a massive speed of 100 kph in an unbelievable record time of 3 seconds.

3.) Goji Smart Lock:

Home security was never this stringent. The Goji Smart Lock is an innovative new gadget that ensures that your safe haven remains safe even when you are out on duty calls or just taking a stroll in the park. If someone tries to break into your home, the Goji Smart Lock instantly sends the real time image of that person to the registered number of the homeowner.

4.) QardioCore Heart monitor:

This is a device that people suffering from heart conditions can benefit from even when on the go or in situations wherein they are unable to reach their cardiologist. This innovative device records the action of the heart and the resulting electrocardiogram is them sent to the smartphone that you connect it with so that it can be sent as an attachment to your doctor or physician. At $449, this is a pretty affordable bet especially for those who suffer from heart conditions.

5.) A toothbrush with an internet connection

If you thought that the humble internet is solely meant for you computers and mobile devices, think again. The latest offering by Kolibree connects a toothbrush to the internet so that it can help understand and record your brushing patterns and habits and improvise on them if the need arises. This is easily the world’s first toothbrush that takes help from the internet and keeps a track of your habits via an app designed for both Android and iOS so that you can improvise on dental hygiene.