Why you should use a Password Generator

Today, a person typically requires half a dozen or more passwords. Some people need more than a dozen different passwords for different purposes. Right from the administrator password on your desktop or laptop to passwords for online drives, files or folders, different types of financial accounts as well as that of social networking sites, you would have to create several distinct and unique passwords.

It is not difficult to generate passwords. You can use any word, number or an alphanumeric code to generate passwords. You can take inspiration from important dates or names in your own life or take any route to generate passwords. However, none of these approaches are ideal. All these methods of creating passwords may help you to come up with a simple password that you would remember easily but they would not be secure. Such passwords are never unique and are very easy to crack.

The virtual world has become more hostile than the real world. You may not be aware but there are innumerable attempts at all times to break into your email accounts, social media profiles and computers. Once your password is compromised, you have very little hope of preventing frauds, identity thefts, malicious campaigns that could harm your finances as well as your reputation and all your data would be instantly in jeopardy.

This is where a password generator becomes a handy tool for all and sundry. A password generator, simply put, is a tool that creates passwords. But it doesn’t create easy passwords that you would have come up with yourself. A password generator is a clever tool that creates unique passwords. You can choose a combination of numbers, characters and symbols even if they are allowed and have a unique and distinct password. Such passwords are long, complicated and very hard to crack. It wouldn’t be wrong to infer that automated programs or even manual hacking attempts would not be able to crack such combinations that are created by a password generator.

A tool like the Password Wizard can help you to secure all your accounts, details, data and financial information. With Password Wizard, you can opt for a combination of lower case and upper case alphabets along with numbers, symbols and even characters that look similar. For instance, you can have the password generator use 0 instead of an O or I instead of a 1.