Write for Us

We’re looking for small business owners and marketeers to contribute to our blog as guest experts on the following topics:

  • Small/Medium Business Advice (Marketing, HR, Sales, Customer Service)
  • Digital Marketing (Social Media, Affiliates, PPC, SEO)
  • Technology
  • Brands
  • Design

If you’re interested, please contact us and pitch to us your blog topic theme. Please note, we will only accept guest posts that meet the following criteria

  • 600 Words Minimum
  • Article should contain sub-headings and be well-structured with paragraph breaks, correct spelling & grammar
  • Must provide useful & practical advice, rather than being advertisement-type post
  • Must include at least one image
  • Provide an author biography, within we will allow 1 x follow link with your keywords
  • Provide us your Google+ URL to enable rel=author signals on the site
  • All external links within the article itself must not be for commercial reasons and not focus on keywords (i.e. links to related content with more advice on a topic are fine)
  • We also encourage you to share the published article on your Social Media channels

Happy writing!

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