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Carbide Bur Guide 
Carbide burs are rotating tools that are used to remove material. Specifically, a carbide bur can be used to deburr, clean, finish, smooth, shape, and carve a wide range of materials.
Miniature Tools and their Uses 
A miniature power tool is designed to be light and easily held by hand. These tools allow for precise work, and most of them offer a wide range of cutting, shaping, and polishing accessories.
Polishing Tool Guide 
This illustrated guide describes manual and powered polishing tools and highlights the polishing and buffing applications of these tools. Polishing tool suppliers are referenced on the site as well.
Hobby Tools from Pfingst 
This USA-based tool distributor offers a good selection of precision tools for craftsmen, dentists, and jewelers.
Free Embroidery Designs 
Embroidery design gallery featuring exclusively licensed embroidery designs available for instant download.