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Arduino UK 
Welcome to Proto-Pic, a UK Arduino supplier for children and Educators. Try the shop to buy the BBC Micro:Bit boards, or other Sparkfun, Pololu, Raspberry PI kits.
Wood swing sets 
Besides wood swing sets, Best Price Toys, an online retailer, specializes gorilla play sets, metal swings, eco-friendly children's furniture and educational toys.
Glow sticks 
Premier Glow is the wholesale provider of glow sticks, glow necklaces and light up toys that light-up the night.
Micro Scooters Ireland 
Micro scooter for children and adults. Buy your micro scooters and micro scooter accessories from the official UK distributor of the mini and maxi micro scooter.
Learning Baby Toys 
Top North American educational toys company providing toddlers and baby toys. Please choose from a wide variety of wooden toys and help your children to develop their cognitive skills.